About Us

The Healthy Life is a digital and online community that shares stories, evidence-based advice and research that aims to inform, inspire and empower you to make healthy choices.

The Healthy Life was founded in 2020 by Kate Dorrell.

If you would like to write for The Healthy Life, contact Kate at hello@thehealthylife.com.au

Our Editorial Team

Kate Dorrell

Kate runs a communications consultancy specialising in health. She has managed public health campaigns on cancer prevention, asthma management, hearing health, and maintaining a healthy weight. Her projects have been recognised with several industry awards. She has written for many clients across the health sector and publications that include ABC Life, Mamamia and News Limited.

Nicole Miller
Consulting editor

Nicole is a media and communications professional, currently on secondment with her new bubba. Nicole has worked for NSW Health and the University of Western Sydney. She is an experienced content creator, and began her career working in the film industry.

Gillian Crowhurst
Staff writer

Gill has more than 15 years’ experience working in health communications, and a degree in science nutrition. She has worked in aged care, for NSW Health and for Hearing Australia. She has developed content for a range of clients, and writes musicals in her spare time.

Shereen Khan
Style editor

Shereen is a fashion designer and stylist. She runs a boutique girls’ label, MayaMe, that aims to empower girls to have fun. She has worked on films, from Hollywood to Bollywood, sourcing and creating costumes and styling characters. She has run her own styling business, teaching busy women how to look and feel fabulous.