Wondering how to have a good life? Here are 9 things you can start doing now

By Margo Field

The last two years have been tough for many people, including me. It was exhausting. This year, I am trying to live a more satisfying life and have been reflecting on what that means. Here’s my advice to myself, and for you to consider too.

1. Increase positive emotions in your life

Do small things that bring you joy. This could mean watching comedy on TV, including kids’ movies, laughing with friends, hugging your loved ones, being silly by dressing up or trying different hats and glasses, walking in nature and enjoying the sunshine, scrolling through silly  stuff on Instagram (for me it is always funny animal videos). What makes you smile and laugh?

2. Visit the G spot

I’m talking gratitude… but the other G spot is excellent also.

How? One way is to count your blessings – make a list each day of what you appreciated and what went well. I usually do this verbally with my partner. It also works well as a solo activity, and many people enjoy writing it down.

3. Release suppressed emotions

Consider writing a journal that no one reads — just for you. You can even dictate it into your phone while walking. That’s what I do. Simply being able to reflect and express your feelings is good for your sense of self and wellbeing.

Also shake off your emotions. I mean, literally, stand up and shake all over. You can also make the sounds of the emotions — shout it out (maybe into a pillow or in the car), cry it out, grunt like a bear, or make the high pitched sound of fear.

4. Embrace support

Ask others what you need from them, even if it’s companionship. This can be family, neighbours and friends. Social media communities can also be good. There are so many specific interest groups to explore issues through, such as mums groups or gay dads groups or local parents of neurodiverse kids groups.

If you can afford it, buy the support you need, such as a house cleaner, home cooked meals, someone to mow lawns – whatever you need.

5. Follow your intuition (and this one is super important)

The number one response in the ‘top regrets of the dying’ is: “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself , not what others expect of me”

This can mean little things, like taking a 10-minute nap because you know it’s what you really want, to doing much bigger things like living in another country or leaving a secure (but boring) job. Listen to that part of you that knows stuff.

6. Take control of your health

 Look after your health. Your body needs more maintenance as you get older. Do the basics: exercise, quality sleep, rest and relaxation, and good diet. Be realistic and consistent. If you have a serious illness, do some quality research on options and take charge of it yourself. I have halted osteoporosis by researching and getting good advice on health options which I continue to implement.

Quality physical care really helps, such as chiropractic or osteopathy, massages and so on. Use herbs and supplements if you need them.

7. Deepen your spiritual connection

Don’t like the word ‘spiritual? Replace ‘spiritual’ with ‘peaceful’ if that feels more comfortable.

Get into nature, sit outside, meditate (even for 5-minutes a day), notice beauty and animals. Some people take up a hobby or read novels or go to a movie to have a rest and be inspired.

8. Have strong reasons to live

 Consider what your hopes and dreams are and move towards them. Small or large. Make a start. Also if you’re feeling in a rut or experiencing a low period, know it’s temporary. Life is made up of ups and downs, the important thing is tapping into your resilience and moving towards good mental health

9. Above all – have compassion for yourself!

If you need coaching or counselling, come and talk to me online. Appointments available via calendly.com/margofield


The research in this blog has been sourced by Margo Field via: Radical Remission – Surviving Cancer Against all Odds by Kelly A Turner, and a wonderful blog called Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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